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Hello – This is Angela Caine!

I am a transformational coach & mentor helping depressed, divorced/widowed women to overcome their fears and fight their anxiety and loneliness.

Women deserve to be loved and I strongly believe in expressing and rejoicing in the essence of love. Life can be a pity, awful sometimes, probably to the extent of pushing the inner happiness to the wall.

Telling someone to ‘Stay positive’, ‘Ignore the mess’, ‘Focus on your happiness’ doesn’t work at all especially in critical situations when someone is desperately looking for healing. People will say you to stay grateful but this cannot prepare you for an empowered life.

Process can work where words cannot!

Being a life coach, I aim at figuring out the causes of such dilemmas and to make women aware of their strengths and motivating them to push that ‘reset’ button for their well-being.

Want to start the second innings of your life more gracefully and gratefully?

I have got you covered with my exceptional coaching sessions which will bring you tangible results within a shorter period.

Why is coaching so impactful?

People keep on asking ‘Why Coaching’ and ‘what impacts does it have’. If you’ve never been through any coaching or consultation session, you might be unable to understand that.

A life coach or mentor is supposed to be your helping hand in adversity. Although a coach does not wondrously vanish your fears, he/she provides you the courage to fight back your frustrations and regain your self-esteem.

If you have lost your loved one, it would be a difficult phase for you to regain your confidence and the motivation to lead yourself to happiness. That’s completely normal and let me unveil it to you that YOU’RE GOING TO BE OKAY VERY SOON.

Coaching is an empathetic and trusted relationship between a coach and a client that helps the latter in developing and accomplishing realistic goals.  A coach helps you plan your life around certain goals, set your priorities and brings you back to your happy self after a certain loss.

Getting divorced or losing the love of your life can be overwhelming but life doesn’t stop here. Coaching allows you to restart your life and take control of your happiness.

We can either feel pity for a lifetime or we can build together a relationship that thrives to bring back hope and love in our hearts.

The choice is yours!

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How can I help you?

Every woman has a different level of suffering which sometimes, leads to depressing and anxious conditions. This is what I am trying to settle down.

Under my coaching sessions, I aim at helping women accomplish their personal and relationship goals.

After connecting with me, you will:

  • Be more open and expressive about your feelings
  • Embrace yourself, your qualities, and your individuality without any outside impact
  • Feel more confident and comfortable upon meeting new people
  • Attract the love that gives loyalty and respect
  • Start living more consciously and gratefully
  • Establish a strong and pleasant relationship with your family and friends
  • Learn to successfully date a new man who connects you emotionally
  • Compete for your self-doubts and fight your insecurities

And after all this, my clients feel happier and more confident in themselves. They tell me how they have become emotionally more stable, less frustrated, and able to start a new life with their trusted partner.

For those, who want to take charge of their happiness and fight their fears, I have something for you. Go grab your copy of ‘From Fear to Fabulous’ that will bring you on an exciting transformational ride.

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At this stage, you’re probably:

  • Striving to overcome the loss of a loved one
  • Looking for consultation for any dear one
  • Seeking professional help to speak about your frustrations or anxiety or anything else

Whatever the reason it is, I am obliged to serve you with my expert analysis under my mentorship. Fill out the form below and my team will respond to you back within 48 hours.