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Who Am I?


With the mission of making divorced/widowed women able to find love again, I have started my consultation journey.

Life was never this peaceful always. Soon after losing both my parents within a gap of merely 2 years, I felt broken, distressed, and crippled. My brother and I were struggling to cope with our massive loss. Life was happening but the essence of celebrating it was lost.

My transformational journey was not gradual rather it was instantaneous. After going through unsuccessful relationships with men in my life, I realized that it was not my luck to be blamed or for other people to complain. But the center of my anxiety and unfortunate relationships was my mind which was surrounded by the fears and negativities that I had absorbed during all this time.

It was brave of me to understand that the kind of energy we absorb from our surroundings gradually becomes a part of our personality.


The past 20 years have been incredible. Throughout these years, I have learned to decay my fears by knowing more about myself, the things which make me content, and, most importantly “How I can help other women in finding their happiness after a loss?”.

I have made this space for depressed women so they can express their grief without the fear of being judged. With my knowledge and experience, I aim to heal the broken fragments of my clients and make them feel like happy human beings again.

My mission

Love is for everyone and the opportunity to celebrate love should never be missed. I started my consultation journey with the mission to guide broken or divorced women to a joyful life where they would be able to start a new relationship.

Through my personal experiences, I understand that it’s extremely difficult to go through certain losses with courage. Through this new world, I aim at encouraging women to gain confidence and motivation to start a new life. Be it finding true love, trying to cope with a certain loss, kick-starting a new career, or gaining back your self-esteem, it’s my mission to help people in living their life to the fullest.